As New England residents, we don’t need to think back to high school literature to understand the concept of setting. We live it—we breathe it—every day. From the illustrious communities nestled in the mountains of Vermont to the bustling Metrowest of Boston cupping Walden Pond in its palm, we embody a sense of place so overt, so historic, that few other geographic areas can rival it.

We desire to grasp your landscape, your story, whether it’s devastating, hilarious, average, or grotesque. In an era dominated by busy and stressed, we want to give you a chance to emanate your truth. And no, it does not have to necessarily relate to the nature of this region. If it happened here, is about here, or relates to here, it counts; this magazine is about the people just as much as the area. If it’s beautiful creative writing, send it in.

And, have no fear: if the only thing you’ve ever written is an Amazon review, all the better. This is not a literary magazine for only professional writers, but developing ones too.

Our places are filled with characters, with full-fledged tales—the possibilities are endless, really—and we want you to illuminate them. We want you to take us into your place, real or imagined, and we want you to show it to us, to make us feel it through your words.