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Inaugural Issue: Call for Submissions
Portrait of New England is a small, online literary magazine, which will be publishing its first issue ~Summer 2019. Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with our website (albeit new) and our mission. This a themed regional creative writing magazine aimed at capturing pieces related — even if loosely — to the New England area. Please, please, only submit if your creative writing piece has to do with New England.
For the 2019 inaugural issue, the theme is mountains. Interpret this loosely, literally, metaphorically, or figuratively.
For each submission, you may include:
  • Up to 3 poems
  • A short story (5000 word limit)
  • Creative nonfiction (5000 word limit)
  • Longer pieces (plays, lengthy stories) are not accepted at this time
  • Genre benders are welcome
  • Up to 3 region-specific photos, paintings, or drawings (or any combination)
1. Violence and profanity are fine if either serves the story, but if gratuitous, the piece probably isn’t right for the publication.
2. Simultaneous submissions are accepted at this time, but please immediately let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. We are a very small, new magazine, so please respect our time and efforts.
3. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font. Please ensure your name is not listed in the body of your submission.
4. Unfortunately, we can’t pay writers at this time. Your byline will be listed with your piece.
5. Please, only one submission per person, per reading period, within only one genre.
Students are welcome and encouraged to submit!